The thing is, I am anonymous.

You don’t know my birthday, you can’t. My address? I’m a nomad. My friends, they’re smart. But they don’t know I’m here, writing junk, writing shit. Writing down my memories before I grow old and forget what happened. I don’t have detectives for friends, much less hackers for best friends.

There are things that I don’t like people to know about me, but there are things I’d also like to share to a greater area. After all, I am blogging to let you know.

This blog is basically about real my life without strings attached. I may refer to people through their initials, or when I run out of letters from the alphabet, maybe through their positions.

I was not born to fight, in a bitchy supposition of fight. Catfights, in layman’s term. But I had repeatedly found myself up against people who refuse to back down when irked at some words I say. So let’s just say, I’m fighting back in a subtle kind of way.


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